Toy Story – A Classic Now In Live Action

Toy Story in Real Life (Live Action) is something that I have thought would be cool. Now 18 years after the release of the first movie someone has taken the time to put it together. The film has taken nearly two years (started in 2010) to complete and the director’s have even got permission from Disney and Pixar to release what they have filmed.

2013: My Plan for a Banner Year

It’s been nine days since 2012 came to an end and for me, 2013 is already looking to be busy and fast paced.

I had a pile of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012 and while I did make some good progress, I certainly did not get as much done as I had originally planned.

Before things get too far along I wanted to sit down and do some forward thinking for 2013. I want to look back a year from now and declare 2013 a “Banner Year”.