2013: My Plan for a Banner Year

It’s been nine days since 2012 came to an end and for me, 2013 is already looking to be busy and fast paced.

I had a pile of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012 and while I did make some good progress, I certainly did not get as much done as I had originally planned.

Before things get too far along I wanted to sit down and do some forward thinking for 2013. I want to look back a year from now and declare 2013 a “Banner Year”.

So what do I plan to work on this year? Here’s my list …

  • I will spend a lot more time with my wife — encouraging her, talking about our family goals and more importantly our dreams.
  • I will spend a lot more time with my kids — encouraging them.
  • I will read through the Bible.
  • I will serve my church through the gifts God has given me.
  • My wife and I will become active members of a Life Group (Community Group).
  • My wife and I will pay off all of our consumer credit card debt ($6600.00 USD) — and reduce the number of credit cards we have.
  • I will read at least 24 books and at least 6 of them will be fiction.
  • I will exercise for 60 minutes at least four times per week.
  • I will lose 40 pounds — 2 pounds per week for 20 weeks (05/26).
  • I will spend more time outdoors.
  • I will post to this blog at least twice per week.
  • I will take one photo per day for 365 days.
  • I will complete the branding work for my IT Consulting business — Digital Kaleo, LLC.
  • I will sell my old Black MacBook.
  • I will sell my old iPad.
  • I will sell my old QNAP NAS Device.
  • I will backup my videos, photos and music to a cloud service.
  • I will buy an iPad Mini — if Apple releases one with a Retina Display this year.
  • I will have a “Banner Year“.

For those of you that actually read through all of that I would encourage you to do some forward thinking for 2013. Life is definitely going to throw you some curve balls this year, but having a plan could help you adjust when the pitch is not what you expected.

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