Five Years Already? Happy Birthday Evernote!

In an average day I use a number of applications (laptop, mobile and web) to manage both my personal and work life. Evernote is the only application that helps me manage both.

I’ve been using Evernote for so long that I was very surprised to hear that the company is only five years old. I received an email from the company on June 26th. The note was short and to the point, but the thing that caught my eye was that they were able to tell me what number user I am. Of the more than 65,000,000 users, I am user 28,103.



I created my Evernote account on March 27, 2008 and have been using the application ever since. The platform continues to get better with each release and I look forward to using Evernote for another five years and beyond.

Happy Birthday Evernote! Thanks for a great product that handles anything I decide to throw at it.