Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes

The Plants vs. Zombies game franchise has been one of my favorites for years now. PvZ & PvZ 2 are have been on all of my IOS devices and have never left since they were first installed. They continue to be great options for burning time when there is simply nothing else to do or […]


What’s Wrong with Time Travel?

From the first time I saw Back to the Future, I’ve always thought that time travel would be awesome.  In theory, going back to stop my younger self from making stupid decisions sounds like a great idea, but I guess there could be some problems. The people over at the Glove and Boots YouTube Channel have created […]


iOS 7 – Three Weeks In

As of today, I’ve been using iOS 7 for three weeks. I’ve run Developer Preview One and I’m now running Developer Preview Two. What do I think so far? I’m pleasantly surprised and very impressed. The all new flat design is great. I’m still not sure about some of the icon choices, but for me […]


Toy Story – A Classic Now In Live Action

Toy Story in Real Life (Live Action) is something that I have thought would be cool. Now 18 years after the release of the first movie someone has taken the time to put it together. The film has taken nearly two years (started in 2010) to complete and the director’s have even got permission from […]


2013: My Plan for a Banner Year

It’s been nine days since 2012 came to an end and for me, 2013 is already looking to be busy and fast paced. I had a pile of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012 and while I did make some good progress, I certainly did not get as much done as I had originally […]


Monday Morning Inspiration #7

Kinyeera Patrick is a name that has been forever burned on my soul. Two years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Patrick and his family while on a mission trip in Uganda. Our team was asked to walk the village of Adak to share the Gospel and the message of Jesus. Our first and […]