Disciple of Jesus Christ, Husband, Father and Geek.

I live in a small rural town located in northwestern New Jersey. When I’m not doing something technology related, I enjoy being outdoors – hiking, mountain biking, camping, and fishing.

I’m a Cloud Solution Architect for Mars Incorporated focusing on Azure, Infrastructure and DevOps. Prior to joining Mars, I spent a decade at IBM as an IT Specialist and Architect supporting the company’s internal and external web hosting platforms, leading the team behind the Americas e-Commerce platform, and finally supporting AMEX as a Solution Architect.

I currently hold the following certifications:

Disclaimer – As stated above I’m an associate of Mars Incorporated but let me take a moment to assure anyone reading this blog that my thoughts are, in fact, my own and do not represent Mars Incorporated’s (and/or any of my previous employers) positions, strategies or opinions.