2024 Reading List

Reading books has become my preferred method to learn about something new (non-fiction) and wind down when my mind is racing (fiction). I’ve decided to keep a list of books that I’ve read. You can find the list for the current year below!


Currently Reading

  1. ESV Study Bible
  2. The Daily Dad by Ryan Holiday
  3. Mecha Samurai Empire by Peter Tieryas


  1. Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven
  2. How a Husband Speaks by R. G. Frederick
  3. Saving Aziz by Chad Robichaux
  4. The Book on Mental Toughness by Andy Frisella
  5. Courage is Calling by Ryan Holiday
  6. United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas
  7. Bigger, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews
  8. The Healthy Habit Revolution by Derek Doepker
  9. Praying for Your Prodigal by Kyle Idleman

Looking for books I’ve read in previous years? Click a year to check out the list.

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